Dad Feets will be observing Spring Break '02 in its entirety from his vantage point at the top of Saida Royale and has promised to forward digital pics of the Rad's "Coca Cola Beach" every day for the rest of the month. Watch spring break unfold before your very eyes!

The photos will be shot every day at the "peak" of the action - about 3:00 PM. You can click on the thumbnail to get the full shot.

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March 14, 2002

I was attracted to a large group at waters edge observing a smaller group some 30 yards out in the surf. The occasional cheer suggested skinny dipping or the beer bong thing. . . Evil thoughts! Low and behold a baptism service was under way!

Religion often makes its appearance on a spring break beach. I observed groups that cleaned up the mess their fellow breakers generated and then provided a free water station and worked on a beautiful sand sculpture with a Jesus theme. They are good kids with obvious strong convictions... that they feel compelled to share with others. A traditional Christian approach, this time culminating with the Baptism service. A ceremony that took on somewhat of a circus atmosphere.

It's not for me to judge the sincerity of such conversions, but it does appear as just another divisive event. Separating the "believers" from the "non-believers" or Christians from Jews or Muslims leads to misunderstandings and at its worst . . . terrorism and world conflicts, We Christians need to learn that our door to the eternal may not be the only door. We are called to do good, not to convince others that we havethe only way.- Dad Feets

sand sculpture


coke beach

Birdseye View

March 13, 2002

Life continues to be exciting at ground zero. I think Coke Cola is doing a good job keeping things as clean and sane as possible. I observed the back stage instructions being given to the girls prior to the dance competition. (see photo). He clearly stated that this was not a "Playboy Show." He explained to them and later to the audience what they could and couldn't do. I presume the guys received similar instructions. (see photo). A few boos from the guys at the "performance" but I think it did
a lot to set the tone for other behavior on the beach.

The organized sports are attractive and help to keep the focus off drinking only . . for some! The kids really get into the coed volleyball tournament and the organized beach soccer is a big hit. A few guys with amazing arms were tossing a football across the entire crowd. There was a long line waiting to climb the Army tower. I inquired about age restrictions. . . no minimum, really, he said. No, "I meant Max," I replied. He checked with a superior and came back with. . . . "Go for it."
I just might!
- Dad Feets

stage action

tower climber

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 12, 2002

March 12, 2002
Follow Up:

Yes, Peter, there is still hope! I found your Yolanda. She thinks you
are a great guy. She also remembers the jet ski. Hope you enjoy the
photo. Need an address? Phone number? Be glad to help! Keep tuned.

Dad Feets

on the right path

Saida Security in Action

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 11, 2002

Louie's has a banner that invites this class of spring breakers to "Be part of the legend." I'm sure there are many friendships and romances that were started on this island, some as early as last week. I received an e-mail from a guy who wants to build on such a memory. Be assured, Peter, I'll pursue your request! - Dad Feets

Hi I just wanted to say I like the idea of seeing everything happen there everyday. I was there march 2 - 8 and in one of your pics on Coca Cola bearch there is a yellow dot on march 6 that is our jetski.

Another reason that I am writing is to ask a favor of you. On Coca Cola beach there is a banana boat tanning oil both. There is a girl that works there her name is yolanda. We hung out during spring break, but I never got any pics of us. I was woundering if you could get a pic of her for me one day while you are down on Coca Cola beach. You could just email it to me or post it on you spionline page.

If you could do that for me it would mean a ton.


Dad discusses American Lit with some girls in the elevator


from Ground Zero

coke beach

Birdseye View

This is what a bicycle looks like after being dropped off the 12th floor of the Royale.

It was a nice bike, a birthday present from my ex-husband given shortly after our divorce became final when he won a big 1st place prize at a sand sculpture contest. (That's the kind of SoB he is.) I got a lot of good use out of it, and was sorry to see it meet such ann ignoble demise.

I do not understand what would drive someone to kill a perfectly functional bike....

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