Updated February 16, 2002

Don Wierenga

. . . . the father of local legend Lucinda, aka Sandyfeet, a visitor to the Island for the past 15 years and a condo owner for 10 years. Also the father of two other daughters, husband of Ginny and grandparent of four boys. Last year (Click Here to visit the Archives of spring break 2002), at the risk of besmirching my grandfather status, I mingled freely with Spring Breakers. I talked with them, took their picture (with permission) observed their "happy hour (S.)" behavior, watched them perform on the Coke-Cola stage, climbed the U.S. Army training tower, played cupid, shared my morning coffee, took care of a bee sting, caught a roll of toilet paper thrown from the 14th floor, shared our leftovers, intervened with a security guard, commented on a mass baptism, talked with police and played tennis. It was fun and I look forward to another year. If you want to know more check out The Michigan Connection, where you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the Wierenga family. And then check out The Winter Texan Connection and discover what we do the two months before spring break and then check out the candid pics of this generation having fun!

There was a feeding frenzy this morning at the shipping channel. Dolphins and many unidentified gulls and cranes. And, . . . . oh, this oil rig, coming in for maintenance. So tall it was lost in the clouds.

Spring Break Preview!

High School cheeleaders from around the state gathered on Soth Padre Island for their annual competition. A part of the fun was joining Sandy Feet, Amazng Walter and their crew of local sand sculpters for a sandcastle demonstration and lesson.

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Who said the water was too cold!

Saida:Feature Match of the Week. Slide Show

A few seconds after this photo was snapped a couple walked down the beach to observe the sand scoulpting efforts of Sandy Feet and her dad . . . nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was that the guy went down to one knee and supposedly waited for an answer to the question we lovingly carved in the sand.. From our observation, at a discrete distance the answer was positive and the moment tender . . so tender that it brought tears to Sandy Feet. Don remembers making the same gesture, not in the sand, but in Ginny's living room . . 50 years ago on the same date.

Preparations for Spring Break 2003 have been underway for many months. Visual evidence will begin on February 24 with construction of this huge Coca-Cola stage and the surrounding complex of events . . . at the Raddison Hotel beach.

Water Wars

However, the real action begins with preparation behind the stage!



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