January 2003

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Last year Lucinda Wierenga aka as Sandy Feet, invited her dad, me, Don, to chronicle Spring Break from our Saida Royale 12th floor condo. It was a tough assignment, but someone had to do it! The project soon became much more than taking pictures of beautiful people. Watching young adult behavior provided a rare opportunity to see kids interact in their own world. One that many parentsvision, but find difficult imaging their own children to be a part of! Sandy Feet's mom, Ginny, and I, for the past four years bucked the trend to pack up and head for home at the end of February and instead observe first hand the spectacle of Spring break. We found that we thoroughly enjoyed this extension of winter. We want to tell you about it.

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Needless to say this will not be your every day run-of-the mill spring break. We are at the brink of war, the terrosit threat is real and the economy, is stumbling. How will all this impact what college kids do in March? How will it affect us? It might be interesting to compare spring break 2003 with spring break 2002. . . or for that matter, at least for me, with spring break 1950. Stay tuned I may give it a try and for those of you that are much younger, give me your observtion!

Last year I labeled this photo "an ugly scene." It was taken at the dangerous 4:00 hour. It was not, a riot as the Newspaper portrayed the next day, but it also was not the festive scene of a few hours earlier. The police were at waters edge and prepared to take appropriate action. Wisely they stayed in their vehicles and allowed the kids to "work it out." That approach doesn't always work, but it's the one parents and grandparents have learned to use most effectively. It's the example that counts.

Change takes place in dramatic ways on South Padre Island

Left: Spring Break 2002

Right: "Winter Break" 2003

Left: Sand Castle Days October 19 2002

Right Sand Castle Days October 23 2002