Ginny and I hope you had a good time! We did, thanks for coming

updated March 1, 2004

The leaders: SOB's Fred, Don, Sandy Feet, Amazin' Walter helped over 50 winter Texans build a sand castle . . . and make a statement! Many will soon be leaving and we thank the 'Regular Texans' for their courtesy and helping us have fun. Ginny prepared refreshments for all that happened to wonder by. More sandcastle photos, Here.

Frank and Kathy gave an "All purpose birthday party." Jack & Dee hosted a 'The Way We Were' party. Ed and Sharon once again demonstrated their chili cooking skills and Jan celebrated a very significant birthday. You may view more pictures from these events by clicking the link. Thanks to Sharon the Wed. morning Round Robin Tourney was a great success. Twenty four players with a wait list and growing each week. Happy hour tennis was just another way to make this sport a unique social time at the Saida. Click Here for more tennis photos.
Winter Texans are still doing their own thing. Mar2,2004

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